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We have many a long list of satisfied customers who have hired us to maintain their elevators and ensure that they function optimally at all times.

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Residential Elevator Services

Not only do residential elevators give the priceless gift of accessibility to those requiring in home assistance, but they improve the lives of every home occupant. There are situations in everyone’s life where they felt like moving heavy luggage/furniture using a staircase was the bane of their existence. Since elevators make life easier, expect homes with elevators installed to have much greater resale values. 

Those who are in the process of constructing a new home have the obvious advantage of being able to pre-plan a residential elevator to go along with their design plans. If you are in the market for new home construction and you’re not totally convinced yet about having a residential elevator, let me inform you that it is cheaper to build upward than building outwards, keeping the square footage unchanged. You will save expenses on the land, foundation and roof- which could completely make up for the costs associated with installing a residential elevator.

brooklyn elevator maintenance service in new york


Elevator maintenance is a crucial part of having elevators that run optimally at all times. This is a job that can only be assigned to a company such as BROOKLYN ELEVATOR SERVICE. We are uniquely qualified to provide the upkeep and maintenance of your elevators. Are you worried that your elevator is starting to signs of age? Not a problem, we successfully maintain elevators of all ages, and have a long list of clients from every industry. 

We will work with you to keep your elevator functioning optimally with smooth and dependable operation, with a special emphasis on safety. If you are experiencing any of the previously mentioned issues with your elevators, reach out to us at your earliest convenience [insert number]. We look forward to utilizing our expertise to solve your elevator challenges quickly and professionally.

brooklyn elevator installation service in new york

Elevator Installation

Are you excited by the prospect of having an elevator in your building that incorporates all the aforementioned cutting edge technologies? If so, make a consultation with BROOKLYN ELEVATOR SERVICE right away. We provide high quality elevator installation services with best-in-class workmanship and customer service. We accommodate commercial buildings of all ages and size, and recruit the most experienced elevator installers in the industry who possess stringent qualifications. Our installation specialists pay attention to detail, and will handle your mission-critical objectives in a timely manner. Reach out to us today so that we can discuss your elevator installation project 347 835 4009.

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Elevator Modernization

Modernized elevator systems, outfitted with regenerative drives, are able to harness this heat and transform it to reusable energy that can be used by the building. This is because the motors doubles as a generator while the elevator travels down, converting mechanical power into electricity, which then gets supplied back into the building’s energy reserves. The power savings add up quickly, and result in substantial energy savings over time. 

The benefits are plenty for those clients who have modernized their elevators to take advantage of the newest advances in passenger safety, energy efficiency, and reliability. Customers also report that modernization improves elevator ride comfort, quicker travel that results in shorter wait periods, better aesthetics, quieter acoustics, greater dependability, new features such as car-call cancellation and you will rest easy knowing that you have a reliable elevator that can be depended upon if/when the other elevator goes out of service.

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